About Us

We’re vintage lovers here, and we love to share. Our own desire for vintage and retro has made this a place to step back in time while you browse our six different nostalgic collections of home and gift wares. You’ll get vintage decorating ideas a treat….

We have sourced treasures from far and wide that are sure to curl your victory rolls and ice your cupcakes so be prepared for dazzling handmade, unused vintage or limited edition pieces.

Be inspired to decorate your vintage home with bits and pieces from different influenced styles like Dolls & Dames, Cupcake Kitsch, Hawaiian Tiki Bar, Vintage Caravan, Lowbrow Lounge and Oriental.

Expect to be here for a weewhile so pour yourself a cuppa, grab an Iced Vovo and enjoy our little five’n dime store.

That’s basically what we’re about, but a little history….